DAY139, #487, 2:55 am

…i’ve had so many emails about how i add images without invoking wordpress which is simply by not invoking wordpress. Unlike wordpress, it doesn’t require a database because the folder itself is the database. Simply drag pictures and images onto it and to link them like this insert data-lightbox="set" into the link’s href tag (the ‘text’ tab in the wordpress editor) Instead of eating bandwidth by loading everything they’ll now load on demand which dramatically improve readability.

It does little else but include the same CSS/menubar to make it all display as part of one system/style (pretty) while it strips all of the metadata that’s included in the default layout which we don’t want on images.

Others have asked me what happened my old game-type homepage. Well, it’s what i consider obsolete because its based on first wave internet with framesets and flash and fixed-size type designs which are unsupported and terribly outdated. These days we can simply add streaming video to the background. And especially now with flash’s end of support rapidly approaching, now is a good time for upgrading. So it didn’t get deleted but it had grown into this bloated browser-game, not a clean-cut Arts-channel that initially i intended to put up. It will forever deploy decade old flash elements which are assignments still which i did back when in Rotterdam. All i did was replace them by HTML5 and CSS3 equivalents. The looping 3D animation .gif has become literally video, and all of its game-screens will keep on broadcasting the same real-time data just the same. It’s just at a new address.