The ‘hunt for cool’ is based on a actual job-description where designer influencers actively visit a particular sub-culture to see what is ‘in’ for brands marketing trying to predict the next big thing. With this as a prime directive i wondered how somebody say Cayce Pollard relentless minimalism would handle a site or feed, if at all.

Assuming she would have, it’s probably a minimal affair. Probably using, in just plain black and white arrows, direct links to something that’s become ‘in’. With automatically do the same for something that’s on it’s way out. This of course with lots of articles on any these if it seems worthwhile to speak up. It’s completely meta.

One thing i added were thumbnails because it shows up in most of the services it pings each time a message gets added. These are the main-content. The articles are but filler to put images into context. Images, by the way, that have their own dedicated slot on the server.

“Cyberpunk is a subgenre of science fiction in a futuristic setting that tends to focus on a “combination of lowlife and high tech”[1] featuring advanced technological and scientific achievements, such as artificial intelligence and cybernetics, juxtaposed with a degree of breakdown or radical change in the social order.”

Notice the differentiation with Cypherpunk:

“Not to be confused with Cypherpunk.”

When you spend most of your day on any machine, controlling what it does and how it does it becomes a very important thing. So important i spend several years experimenting with all kinds of, often outlandish, layouts and designs before settling on the current setup.